Mark Sherwin - Sherwin Hall Kitchens

Sherwin Hall Kitchens, based in Leicester, designs and manufactures bespoke, high quality kitchens and office environments for home and commercial settings. A market leader that has experienced double-digit growth year on year since its inception, Sherwin Hall prides itself on its ability to deliver kitchen and office fittings that meet customers’ exact requirements and make best use of their available space.

Over the years, Sherwin Hall has relied on the assistance of SRL Accountancy to help manage its rapidly growing business and ensure it is getting the most from its revenue.

"We turned to SRL Services to help us become more tax efficient, manage our accounts and payroll, and for someone there to become our ‘external’ finance director, allowing us to effectively outsource our entire finance function,” says Mark Sherwin, the company’s director. “From the outset they stood out from other accountancy and payroll service providers as they really focused on understanding both our business and personal goals. Not only do they provide us with the standard back-office accounting services we required, but they are also helping us manage our business in the long term.

"SRL and Sherwin Hall worked closely together to implement a financial strategy and vision, which has resulted in the creation of structured financial processes and disciplines, and has directly translated to greater profitability for the business.

“We take a proactive, hands-on approach to understanding our clients’ needs and take pride in working closely with them to help them grow,” says Suresh Lakhani, managing partner at SRL.

"We teamed up with Sherwin Hall to help take the pain out of their financial management and allow them to focus their efforts on growing their market share and delivering a superior service to their customers. We’re there for them every step of the way.”

In addition to providing the traditional services you would expect from most accountants, SRL offers something called ‘lifestyle accounting’, where it aims to understand its clients’ key objectives and then works with them to set a timeline for achieving these goals. Speaking about how this approach has helped his business, Sherwin says: “Using ‘lifestyle accounting,’ we’ve been able to plan our long-term business objectives and turn them into a reality. SRL has provided us with a truly personalised service. We have regular meetings with them to ensure we’re on track; it’s a real partnership. We’ve also been able to take advantage of their real-time bookkeeping service, which allows us to view our accounts live at any time. This gives us ‘piece of mind’ and allows us to solve any queries or issues as soon as they come up.”

Meeting with SRL on a regular basis helps Sherwin Hall pre-empt and deal with any financial issues as and when they arise. At least three meetings per year are scheduled into the calendar to cover dividend planning, corporate tax mitigation and finalise year-end procedures, with the final meeting planned at least three months before financial year end to ensure everything is in order before it’s too late.

“SRL quickly became an integral part of our company. They have taken the time to understand our business and where we want to take it,” says Sherwin. “Instead of managing from one financial year to the next, we now know where we’re heading and we have a reliable partner to turn to every step of the way. With their invaluable help, we are confident that we can achieve our long-term business objectives and take the company from strength to strength.”